VITAL EDGE designs custom programs to solve basic needs : water, nutrition, education and finance. By combining these solutions , micro-gardens, solar pumps, literacy programs, pre-natal programs, to an established micro-savings group, the cost of delivering the service is reduced and the likelihood of success is multiplied.

Impact and Reach


Each micro-savings group comprises 24 women.
Mali has over 100 groups comprising over 2500 women
Senegal has over 110 groups comprising over 2600 women
We are currently expanding at the rate of 20 groups per year.

Micro-Community Gardens

Each micro-community garden comprises 8 micro-savings groups of 24 women each = 192 women
Vital Edge has established 5 micro-community gardens serving a total of 800 women. We are currently expanding at the rate of 2 micro-gardens per year.


To create a viral network of individuals that can share information , expertise and resources so that they can become valued economically, socially and politically in their communities.

How we work

Vital edge has a specific methodology.
1. We identify a community that can use our resources.
2. We identify a local NGO with the appropriate expertise to partner with for the area.
3. We communicate and listen to the community. This involves traveling to every part of the district , conducting group meetings and individual interviews.
4. We present a plan to the community and its leaders for their approval.
5. We design and commit to a minimum 3 year plan .
6. We execute the plan.

Who we work with

Vital Edge works with local NGOs (Non Goverment Organizations) and employs instructors who are from the indigenous communities that they serve.

We partner with organizations in the field and advisors from around the world who have experience in community finance, artisan development , health, and agriculture. For example Oxfam , BRAC, and World Education


Nina Rumbough
Jeff Lipsitz
Natascha Tillmanns

Advisory Board

Jeffrey Ashe
Johnathan Morduch
Docey Lewis

Executive Director

Develpment Director

Rebecca Underdown

London Representative

Katrina Mansoor

Senegal Country Director

Ibrahima Sory Diallo

Mali Country Director

Sogoba Soumaila

Funding Partners

Hunter Douglas Corporation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Spiritu Gladius Foundation
Individuals Worldwide


Robin Saidman

General Enquiries

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 2221
Sag Harbor, NY